Producks סטודיו לעיצוב (גיל שפי ויואב אבינועם) 
בשיתוף חברת Luxexcel

הפרויקט עושה שימוש בטכנולוגיה החדשה של חברת Luxexcel לייצור עדשות אופטיות בהדפסת תלת–מימד, המשנה את מערכת היחסים בין ההיבטים הרפואיים והאופנתיים של המשקפיים, ומאפשרת לעדשה לשחק תפקיד פעיל באמירה אופנתית. החלטנו להדפיס את העדשה על המסגרת ולנעול את המסגרת בתוך העדשה וכך, בדומה לאובר–מולדינג בפלסטיקה, ביטלנו את הצורך במחברים. העדשה והמסגרת הפכו לאלמנט אחד המודפס בתלת–מימד ונותן מענה מבני וקישוטי.

Producks design studio (Gil Sheffi & Yoav Avinoam)
In collaboration with Luxexcel 

Lenses has been around for the propose of sight enhancement for nearly 800 years, these devices always consisted of two elements - the lenses that are the "medical" device and the structure that helps us keep it in place. The balance between these two elements has dramatically shifted during the years, the frame has taken over and became the more dominant element of the two. The eyeglasses had become a fashion item more than a medical device - blurring and almost neglecting the medical need and emphasizing the fashionable statement through many different designs. Although the balance between the shifted, the relationship between the remained the same - The medical device remained relatively simple in shape while the frame that holds it in place exploited its ability to be more dynamic in shape and color.

Now, using Luxexcel new technology for 3d printing optical lenses this relationship may take another twist, now the lens can be an active player in the fashionable statement. we decided to print the lens on top of the frame, locking the frame inside the lens. That way, much like in Over molding in plastics we eliminate the need for conjunctive elements. For the first time the lens and frame can become one element that can use both the frame and 3d printed lens as both structural and ornamentical elements. It gave us the opportunity to produce glasses in a way that was impossible in the past, to look and re-establish the values of function and ornament in eyewear and remove any need for conjunctive elements between the frame and lenses.

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